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Looking Back on 2015

Looking back over the wing, we traveled a lot more than I remembered during 2015, overall it was a good travel year.  Several work trips factored heavily into this, and an unexpected opportunity to go to Ireland for a wedding and a 24 hour stopover in NYC also helped increase this metric.  However, our big trip this year was Portugal.

British Air 787 Heathrow

British Air 787 @ Heathrow

Trips Taken: 6

  • January – Warsaw/London
  • February – Red River, NM
  • May – Seattle, Washington
  • June – Ireland & stopover in New York City.
  • September – Warsaw/London
  • November – Portugal

Miles Flown: 49,160

Memorable experiences:

  • Exploring Ireland, specifically the towns of Kinsale, Galway and Killarney.
  • Exploring Brighton, England on a very pleasant September day.
  • Exploring the Douro Valley and a fish market in Nazaré, Portugal.
  • Finally experiencing NYC.

Spent(purged) almost all my legacy US carrier miles – So my strategy is changing with regard to collecting Airline miles… like many people, I’m frustrated with American, Delta and United or what many folks consider the Legacy US carriers.  I’m now focusing my loyalty to SouthWest… and other reward type accounts for 2016, a story for another time.

A new wine store opened up near my home, which has allowed me to enjoy some new affordable wines from around the world.  It’s a big chain, but for now, the collection seems to offer some good international varieties.

Sadly, we suffered a few losses in 2015.  It is part of life… but it is never easy, so we celebrate those memories and move forward thankful for our time with them, we raise a toast to them, such that they may not be forgotten.IMG_5503